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Apr 29 2007

Some Logical Conclusions

Questions that may be answered by this theory include why the particles in the solar wind are not pulled back toward the Sun by its gravity within the first few thousand miles, but rather travel on through the solar system, and why the Van Allen belts do not warp, keeping their shape in the magnetic bottles formed by the Earth’s magnetic field lines.
Other things that can be explained better are neutron stars, and maybe even black holes.  By rough calculation an electron in an atomic orbital can give off only 61 gravitons before it collapses into the nucleus of the atom if no gravitons are absorbed by the electron in that time.  In areas where the gravitational field is not strong enough, hydrogen atoms in stars will indeed gradually collapse in sequence, and if the resulting neutrons have their magnetic dipole moments aligned in a lattice such as to stabilize the resulting energy, and not decay in just over 15 minutes, a neutron star may result.
Unfortunately, there are also established outcomes of theoretical physics that may no longer be needed, those presumably being the concepts of the quark, the positron, general relativity, dark energy, and string theory.

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