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Sep 08 2007

Space Junk

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One way to focus gravity may be through the use of a series of superconducting rings and/or electromagnets.  Two or three pivoting stations on earth, with the right tracking system, could be used to track a piece of junk and pull it down into the atmosphere to burn up or land in an ocean.  For items in geostationary orbit, these stations would have to be mobile.  Of course it would take a whole team of scientists and engineers to get this working.

There are other applications relating to this little entry that most intelligent people reading this could surmise.

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Sep 08 2007

The Journals

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After four journal rejections I have not been real anxious to re-submit the paper, even though the paper has never been submitted to a journal with the spin energy based on a spin angular momentum of ħ/2.  The first Google Base entry, from November 21, 2005, has a spin energy that is way too high, nevertheless the concept, electrons ‘throwing and catching’ gravitons, and the frequency of a graviton are both there in the 2005 documents.  The interest in spin energy was mainly to show that there is enough present to do the job, and there still is with the most recent, copyright April 2007, paper.

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