Jan 05 2008

Electron g factor

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The current electron spin g factor given by NIST is -2.002 319 304 3622 *.  Since the earth is in orbit around the sun, and receives its replacement gravitational energy from the sun, this may be why the g factor is greater than 2 in magnitude.  It makes me wonder if the g factor at Jupiter is closer to -2, and greater in magnitude than the Earth g factor at Venus because it is closer to the sun.
The magnetic moment of the electron is tied to this g factor:
μS = geμB(S/ћ),
where μS is the magnetic moment of the electron, with units of Amp–meter2, and μB represents the Bohr magneton.  The spin angular momentum of the electron, S, is ћ/2.
It may be that when l g l, for electrons in a macroscopic mass, drops below 2, atoms start to collapse.  If so, it is certainly possible that electrons near the center of our galaxy have l g l < 2, with atoms collapsing at a slow rate. * http://physics.nist.gov/cgi-bin/cuu/Value?gem|search_for=g+factor

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