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Nov 04 2009


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Now that you and your consortium have proved my physics theory, please send my bonus check so that I can leave my engineering job and do physics research full time.

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Nov 02 2009


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In a January 6, 2009 article from Symmetry Magazine entitled “Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope discovers slew of new pulsars”, by Kelen Tuttle, we find the following text:

“The 12 newly discovered pulsars offer insight into the mechanism behind the gamma-ray emissions. The data show that the classic understanding of emission, whereby gamma rays are created in the same location as radio waves, is mistaken. Researchers now theorize that the radio beams form near the neutron star’s surface, while the gamma rays form far above.” [1]

Let us say there is a very large rock ‘far above’ a “rapidly spinning neutron star”.  Each time an intense area of the neutron star’s rotating magnetic field passes over and through the conventional interstellar mass, subatomic particles in the mass will fly apart into gamma rays.  This periodic pulse of gamma rays and other radiation is called a Pulsar.

As to why “gravitons like to follow gently arcing uniform magnetic field lines” [2], it works a little like the uncertainty principle.  The magnetic field of a graviton would like to line up with a very strong environmental magnetic field, however oscillating at 7.562 x 1022 Hz perpendicular to the graviton’s direction of travel, it cannot decide which way to turn, and therefore the graviton’s magnetic field actually ends up perpendicular to the intense environmental magnetic field.  The graviton therefore travels along the magnetic field lines of an intense magnetic field as long as the turns are not too sharp.

One thing we should keep in mind here is that the distances in interstellar space written of are typically orders of magnitude larger than our solar system for example.  I don’t know what distance is meant by “far above”.  The FGST people did not invite me to their symposium in Washington D.C. this week, and typically do not allow me into their discussion groups.  We were in Washington D.C. this summer anyway, and I don’t feel like going back so soon.




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