Dec 23 2010

Electron Orbitals and the Lorentz Force

Published by at 7:15 pm under Classical Electrodynamics,Quantum Mechanics

For an electron in an atomic orbital the magnetic part of the Lorentz force [1], F = q[E + (v x B)], deflects the electron’s path so that the electron cannot head directly toward the nucleus.  Magnetic fields produced by the nucleus essentially fight off the electron’s direct path which is due to the electrostatic part of the force.  This is one of the aids in assuring that atomic collapse does not occur.  In the vicinity of an electron orbital turn where gravitons are emitted from an electron, a planar electron arc can be assumed [2], however this is only in the tangential limit relatively far from the nucleus and there are no complete arcs in electron orbitals that are geometrically planar. 



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