Jan 05 2011

Bubble Spectrum

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There is a graph of Brightness vs. Energy (GeV) at the lower left of the image at the following NASA Fermi web site, relating to the same discovery I have been writing about recently, and one that has been fascinating to a great number of scientists:


I just thought it was interesting to see that the “Bubble spectrum” in magenta color has a pointer at what could be 313 MeV.  The brightness rises markedly from that point which is where we would expect gravitons to reside.  Once peaked in brightness, the spectrum rises to much higher energies which, if it were not that we are very far away from the bubbles, could indicate that energies are adding.

We know from laser calculations and uses that energy from coherent light waves do add.  As an example, the gravitons coming off the sun, at the surface of the sun, would be so concentrated so as to create somewhat of a laser field.  The earth, of course, is of a size and at a distance from the sun where the gravitons help sustain life rather than damage biological function.

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