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Feb 09 2017

E = mc^2

It occurred to me in January or February 2008, during my first foray into Quantum Mechanics, that the reason there is no 1/2 factor in front of mc^2 in Einstein’s formula E=mc^2, – like there is in the Newtonian formula for kinetic energy K. E. = (1/2)mv^2, is that there are gravitons inside a fundamental particle that are bouncing back and forth against gravitational pressure on the outside, which doubles the energy.

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Feb 02 2017


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President Trump is proper payback for scientists who have ignored me for 11 years.  Peter Woit’s blog is one place where you can see that they are not happy about this.

Woit won’t let me comment on his blog because there is a place to put one’s website on there, and he does not want my website on his blog.  There is a comment of mine posted on that blog however, with an alias and a fictitious website.

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