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Jun 28 2020

Executive Order

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A US executive order has been signed to hire federal workers based on skills instead of degrees. This should allow me to work as a theoretical physicist.

Einstein’s highest degree when he wrote down special relativity was a bachelor’s degree.

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Jun 04 2020

Fermi Bubbles

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This June 2020 article on the Fermi Bubbles of the Milky Way Galaxy concerns mapping the bubbles in the visible light spectrum:

The bubbles were originally found in the gamma ray spectrum. Previous entries are here:, and here:

As far as their purpose, they may help stabilize the plane of the Milky Way by emitting gamma rays in a narrow Gaussian centered on 7.562 x 10^22 Hz. I have read that researchers have found that the same type of bubbles exist at other galaxies as well.

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