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Goce satellite

That is exactly what I was wondering. However, I do not believe anyone will map gamma radiation across the globe at or around the graviton as you also suspected. The radiation map would have to be high enough resolution, and be taken by a satellite orbiting above each region to make the composite map. On the other hand, there may be a single gamma ray image of the earth that could give a rough comparison…

Comment Posted By Dan On 20.07.2010 @ 13:38

My question is: Since it appears that they can quantitatively map gravitational acceleration, could you overlay that data map with similar quantitative map of gamma radiation (at the graviton’s wavelength of ~312MeV)? A correlation between the two would be strong observational evidence supporting your graviton. Areas with more gravitational acceleration should also be emitting more gamma radiation, and this new gravity map could allow regional quantitative comparison. This could possibly be done just by looking at previous work. However, I suspect that gamma radiation has not been similarly mapped. If this is the case the comparison could be done in other less robust ways.

Comment Posted By Dan On 01.07.2010 @ 11:44

Thanks for the reply,

Could you take the mapped fluctuations in gravity and overlay gamma radiation data (at ~ 312MeV) to show a correlation between your graviton and the gravitational field?

Comment Posted By Dan On 30.06.2010 @ 17:36

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