Apr 26 2007


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The Comets

Quoting Kevin: “On average, electrons in a body would have greater mass when traveling in the direction of where the highest flux density of gravitons is coming from.”

I think that this sentence pulled it all together for me, and now the mechanics of the theory really make sense to me. Even after having understood the ball on a string gaining mass and thus pulling outward analogy, this helped it make sense in a situation where there are large masses and “gravitational fields”. All in all this theory just seems to have that beautifully simple ring of truth to it. The absence of which made me instantly skeptical of, and never comfortable with, string theory when I first learned about it.

Comment Posted By Daniel On 14.11.2007 @ 17:14

Space Junk

Being able to focus gravity would open the door to countless new possibilities. If you could focus and direct gravity, you could potentially use it push things up as well. Imagine a zero energy space launch. Focused and directed gravity could be used in power production as well. Again, the possibilities would be endless.

Comment Posted By Daniel On 26.09.2007 @ 22:11

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