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Jan 31 2010

Mediation of the Gravitational Force

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It has been said that the Coulomb force is the final mediator of the gravitational force.  What this means is that in the final analysis we find that the force that produces gravity is the Coulomb force.  This is because “as an electron in an atomic orbital passes its closest to the nucleus it continues to exist in a graviton absorption mode and, if traveling toward a gravitational source, continues to increase in mass, magnetic dipole moment, and charge until it comes time to make a turn.” *  Thus we can see that it is not until the electron passes its closest to the nucleus, in graviton absorption mode, that it activates the gravitational force in the direction that the nucleus is pulled the most.

Emission of gravitons during a turn process, and at the end of a spin-flip, serves to put the brakes on the electron in the direction of travel through conservation of momentum.  The Coulomb force then begins to bring the electron on another path back toward the nucleus.  Momentum balance is taken care of by the graviton, and the positron is not needed.

To sum it up, the Coulomb force produces the gravitational force, and the gravitational field produces the force that holds subatomic particles together.

With all this going on, it was a much more manageable problem to try to figure out the cause of gravity using the principles used to calculate blackbody radiation in the days of Rayleigh, Jeans, and Planck, than to try it, let’s say, by using the Dirac equation internal to subatomic particles, and the Schrödinger equation external.



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