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Sep 27 2009


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When I read on the internet how I should have studied harder in school, I find it funny.  Ask any of my high school or university friends how hard I studied.

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Sep 20 2009

Ignorance is bliss

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“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!”
      Derek Bok, past president of Harvard
Keep ignoring the quark coincidence.

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Sep 16 2009

The Fundamental Quantum Unit

With the advent of gravitons serving as conjugate wave functions that hold subatomic particles together using gravitational pressure, we can go a step further.  Could it be that all material objects in our locale are made of gravitons?  If so, the graviton is the fundamental quantum unit, or otherwise we may call it quantum 1.
Kansas the band actually got closer to the truth than Oppenheimer did when it comes to particle theory relating to electrons when they sang “Everything is dust in the wind.”  They didn’t go quite small enough though if everything is gravitons.  Every material object in our solar system may indeed be made of gravitons, however we cannot go so far as to surmise that this may be true throughout the universe.
Newton’s law of gravitation still holds true.  The magnitude of the gravitational force exerted by one mass made up of atoms on another mass made up of atoms is:
F12 = Gm1m2/r122
If the gravitational field were more uniform as one travels out from the earth we could call it the Higgs field, but because the force exerted is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the masses we cannot.  Additionally, since gravitons are so small and only one half wavelength long we could call them strings, – if only they made loops once in a while.

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