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Mar 09 2008

Energy Balance Necessary for Gravity to Work

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Does an electron swell slightly with mass in the gravitational field of the earth as it scoops up gravitons while traveling in a quantum orbital toward the earth?  Does it then give off multiple gravitons as it makes its next turn?  If so, my guess is that they all fly off with one flip of the electron.  Certainly a slightly more massive electron will need additional momentum balance as it makes a turn, than an electron that is less massive.  I would estimate that an electron in an atomic orbital is never at a point where it cannot accept any more gravitons, because otherwise we could not use the gravitational constant so consistently.
Since the electron is traveling at maybe 0.2c in an atomic orbital, it can scoop up gravitons a lot more often than the nucleus must deflect them by its magnetic field, if that is what the nucleus does.  Since a magnetic field does no work, it is the electric fields and currents inside a nucleus, – those also producing the internal nuclear forces, that would expend the energy to deflect gravitons.  It must then recover that energy through the Coulomb field, which would then recover its energy through the gravitational field.  This is an interesting concept because of the unification principles involved.

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Mar 07 2008

YouTube videos

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For those who come to the knowledge of this theory by this web site, without knowing about the YouTube videos, the YouTube links are at: 

Thank you Dan Fordice, Jeff Fordice, and Fairmont High School for the time spent on this! 

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