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Jun 03 2024

Isometry and Homotopy

In Chemistry, “This phenomenon of two or more compounds having the same molecular formula but different structures is called isomerism.” ([1], pg. 405) In a positive charge groupoid, traveling through an open gamma ray field, coming from a given nucleus, there is an isometry. Though the homotopy comes across “an m-dimensionable manifold M of class Cr” ([2], pg. 646), the gravitons have different phases as the groupoid travels on, in an outer tangent space, and “the homotopy problem is equivalent to an extension problem.” ([3], pg. 175)

“16.2. LEMMA.  If (E,S) is a cell and its boundary, then (E X 0)(S X I) is a retract of E X I.” ([3], pg. 84)

Thus, “π is an infinite cyclic group,” ([3], pg. 199). Steenrod calls S “A system S of coordinates” ([3], pg. 22), or “a bundle of coefficients.” ([3], pg. 190) In this case, with “E X I“, I is an isotopy, and the zero space is the tangent space. There is “no left distributive law” ([3], pg. 122), because orbital electrons absorb gravitons at various rates.

It may be that the tangent space is all that the charged particle puts out, and that Lie groups form in the open gamma ray field.

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