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Transmission of the Coulomb Field

It is possible, through precision measurement, that an electric motor on the face of the earth is more efficient at noon compared to midnight.

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Greatest Lower Bound

As we, in our imaginations, go further and further out into the universe, we can visualize that a true vacuum starts to become a reality. As the solar wind, or the wind of any star, becomes far less dense, and the gravitational field becomes less dense, protons and electrons may disintegrate. The proton has never been found to decay, though most of our experiments are done on the earth.

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“If ħ and c are considered more fundamental than e, the fine structure constant becomes a measure of the electronic charge. This point of view is dominant in quantum field theory where α plays a role of the coupling constant between charged matter and electromagnetic fields.” *

Many examples are found in the physics books of the 20th Century that anticipate quantum gravity.

* Merzbacher, Eugen, “Quantum Mechanics”, Wiley, pg. 471-472

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Some GOOD NEWS for the USA and the World

Why did God have Gutenberg invent the printing press if news like this has to wait more than 16 years?

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Could be enough good news to end the pandemic.

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Evidently, people do not want good news.

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The covid and quantum gravity quarantines continue.

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Electric and Magnetic Fields

When it is referred to as no conventional energy except the B field from the straight wire, it leaves room that the very existence of the atoms in the looped wire depend on gravity.

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As the plasma travels farther away from the sun, it cools enough to become atoms and molecules. It then slows down, turns around, and heads back toward the sun.

Comment Posted By Kevin On 07.12.2019 @ 08:26

Atomic Stability

Have this book checked out, but it is due back today:
“The Theory of Spectra and Atomic Constitution, Three Essays by Niels Bohr”, Cambridge at the University Press, 1924.
Near the beginning of the third essay, “given before a joint meeting of the Physical and Chemical Societies of Copenhagen on the 18th of October 1921”, we have with the “first postulate”:
“These stationary states are, in addition, supposed to possess a peculiar kind of stability, so that it is impossible either to add energy to or remove energy from the atom except by a process involving a transition of the atom into another of these states.”

Comment Posted By Kevin On 03.11.2019 @ 08:50

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