Oct 30 2007

The Strong Nuclear Force

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I think of the strong nuclear force as being due to the vortices* from an electron setting up standing waves within the protons and neutrons within the nucleus of an atom.  For anyone willing to make a try at the math, the Schrödinger equation may be a good place to start.  These standing waves, it is presumed, set up quite nicely within an alpha particle since an alpha particle is very stable.
As a possible consequence, it may be that all nucleons within an intact nucleus have roughly equal positive charges.  In the case where a neutron is ejected from a nucleus, it would gather all the vortices it needs as it takes off and becomes of neutral charge.

*  Kadin, A. M., “Circular Polarization and Quantum Spin: A Unified Real-Space Picture of Photons and Electrons”, ArXiv Quantum Physics preprint, 2005:

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