Nov 04 2010

Coulomb Force by Phonon Transmission

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After seven years of study, five involving gravity, and pretty much getting ostracized by the physics community in 2010, I have started to ramp down my math and physics study time.  Helping students is still a fairly common occurrence and I am hoping this, with the engineering also, will be enough to keep me sharp.

One thing that I may not get to in the near future then is the concept of the Coulomb force by phonon transmission through a gravitational field, similar to phonon transmission in a crystal.  It was alluded to earlier with the phrase “shouldering through the gravitons in a highly relativistic sense” *, and the mathematics, I suppose, would utilize that already existing within quantum mechanics relating to phonon transmission.

In areas of deep space where the gravitational field is very weak, the Coulomb force may not transmit effectively.  Nevertheless, it is irrelevant because protons and electrons cannot exist without enough gravitational pressure. 


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  1. Kevinon 09 Aug 2011 at 10:53 am

    It is not necessarily wrong to say that “the photon carries the electromagnetic force” *, because even though the electromagnetic force is phonon transmitted, it shoulders through photons.


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